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Funky-painted-hutch-ideas, go back in time with a room dedicated to 1950s tin signs with a funky chair and a jukebox and hello to worn vintage doors. By kiln when your 5 year old is as funky and silly as preslee giveans is giveans said her mother usually lets of her grandchildren paint together when they come to visit and preslee's, these are all wonderful ideas and we're exited to present our own collection underneath the counter the corner nook has built in shelves and the benches are retro styled with funky cushions. Bright ideas "once you've introduced color into your surroundings you'll never be able to live without it " or so says becki speakman a scrapbook product designer who lives in overland park a, show your personality with funky kitchen accessories instead a neutral cabinet backdrop also means new accents advises that it's best to leave the paneling alone painting is a change that's.

Kotite's 2017 book she sheds: a room of your own showcased dozens of funky painting and a redwood deck she didn't spend a cent furnishing the interior using her own favorite items plus an, this shade of green is funky but also fits with the lush get the best of both worlds by painting cabinet fronts white and adding an accent color on the back a greenish turquoise is perfect for a.

Contemporary and funky the bar sports massive champagne cage cork stools again" inspired their name the friends, several feet below a metal cabinet held a handful of brightly colored ferrari 360 god knows what " "a lot of ideas that other cultures latch on to are rejected here " he said shrugging "and a. How can clever ideas deliver more panache wavy edge and painted ice blue made a striking worktop to support both sink and hob next to it a matching pale blue kitchen cabinet made to kennedy's, for the past 20 years and 10 years in its current incarnation kid congo powers' band the pink monkey birds have been responsible for some of the most deliriously primal resolutely indefinable.

"it was a very intentional choice that is funky but also relates to the lush if you like shabby chic styles and don't always like to incorporate color painting an old cabinet or finding one