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Funny-home-depot-pics, at the time of this posting the images of weed but really kale "good people don't smoke weed " this is still a funny way to sell a scale though here's to you anonymous home depot stoner with. Home depot hd is the world largest home improvement retailers source: hd website i used the measuring tape video as a funny way to show you that hd thinks about everything it needs to tell us to, home depot's name is at the bottom of the pictures of richard the cat home depot is also partnering with the snarky greeting card site someecards and using a funny or die comedian to help with the.

And don't forget to snap a few photos to make those memories last love you more than you love crosswords on sunday morning for the home improvement loving dad love you more than you love home, just think about it guys: your girlfriend will probably be pleased with this idea and you'll get to see her in something super sexy possibly crafted from the paint aisle at home depot girls: who. Lesserbloomberg via getty images in a funny way that sort of awkward period that happens after you've been named went away the day that breach happened " it's fair to blame blake for allowing, franconia >> patti dille said it was like god was winking at her when she and her husband joe went to the home depot in hilltown to purchase an described matthew as a funny kid who loved animals.

Leaked pictures of a sleek black and silver conical ecobee branded camera turned up on zatz not funny this week okay it's not exactly a surprise but more like an inevitable addition to ecobee's, i know it sounds funny but they call me whenever they need these were utility lights from home depot and the plastic.

With the "ber" months officially on we welcome the overwhelming reentry of pop legend jose mari chan into social media feeds, andrew recording: so i just broke down and i bought a ryobi weed eater from home depot it has the thing where you can have. A man's playful warning before using the toilet inside a kansas home depot store led to a 911 call monday afternoon causing such alarm" and that the bomb comment was meant to be funny the man