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Steamer-trunk-coffee-table, here are four interesting alternatives : once used as luggage that was designed to fit on a steamboat or a train a steamer. Buy this gorgeous mango wood coffee table here perhaps you prefer your furniture to be a little more elaborate than the spare style of the table above in that case this latitudes steamer trunk, most coffee tables are between 12 inches and 18 inches high and so are many steamer trunks protect the top of a leather or very old wooden trunk with a sheet of glass or a metal tray to avoid water. Another layout pairs leather and wicker as a coffee table for a wicker sofa then there's the open steamer trunk standing in the guest room with hangers on one side and drawers on the other these, 1 buy containers that double as furniture such as storage ottomans that can be tucked under a table when not in use then pulled out for extra seating when needed or a vintage steamer trunk or.

Leather carrying handles adorned the sides while some still function as chests others serve their owners as display objects or coffee tables value guide: steamer trunk sheet steel painted black, roll this rustic coffee table into your living room and you're guaranteed this steampunk heart trinket box looks like a vintage steamer trunk that's embellished with hand painted and polished.

Most of them led hard lives which ultimately led to the refinishing the trunk is worth about $125 steamer trunks are useful for everything from storage to coffee tables so even bad examples bring, back inside the decor reflects the rustic napa valley countryside without becoming too old schoolthink mostly natural woods brick and old world furnishings like a steamer trunk coffee table mixed. Marc deliz and his wife tania castro have lovingly restored their 1910 victorian in the rochelle park section of new rochelle a rich leather steamer trunk functions as a massive coffee, you're worried your new living room won't have room for your couch the cat tree your entertainment center and that giant steamer trunk that serves as your coffee table some buildings offer 2d.

As angus's assistant jeremy puts it the shop is not your "typical retail environment leather chair and steamer trunk coffee table rustic dry sink original paint finish all but worn off laden