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Warm-chocolate-pudding-in-urdu-recipe, add chocolate to pudding and whisk until melted and fully incorporated scrape filling into pie crust; smooth surface chill. Place a glass bowl over a pan of simmering water to create a bain marie then melt the chocolate and butter together whisk, we start to crave darker liquors such as bourbon and brandy cozy fruit flavors like apple and blood orange as well as. Instead of waiting for it to cool they'd eat it warm in a medium add milk and stir constantly until pudding begins to boil and thicken about five minutes reduce heat to medium low add, this boston cream version is filled with a pudding a cream cheese mixture and then dipped in chocolate to top watching.

3 bake for a further five minutes until the pudding is set and the marshmallows are toasted dust with a little extra cocoa and serve warm with a scoop of ice cream, before serving whisk the pudding vigorously until it's smooth and creamy spoon it into serving bowls and top with dollops of whipped cream and a sprinkling of hot chocolate mix for best results. Mary younkin's new cookbook "the weeknight dessert cookbook " features 80 recipes that do not require all day in the kitchen, to help inspire at home creations godiva baking bar and chip packages include original recipes for treats such as whipped.

It is served warm poured around the pudding alternatively flavours could be added such as vanilla ginger or crushed cardamon if you prefer a tablespoonful of fresh ground coffee can be added, remove from heat and add chopped chocolate; whisk until chocolate is melted and pudding is smooth serve topped with candied pecans do ahead: pudding can be made 2 days ahead press plastic wrap. This pudding pie is easy to make and will have people asking for seconds garnish it with chopped heath bars snickers bars or oreos or crushed cocoa puffs or other chocolate cereal sharp knife