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Www-houzz-com-living-rooms, rugs with a bold color or pattern can be intimidating to design around but if you fall for a rug with an amazing color or pattern there are easy ways to work with it here are 10 tips for choosing. The key to living happily and beautifully in small quarters is combining space saving and multifunctional solutions while expressing your personal style smart decisions will give you the space you, hint: you can get up to 75 off those fall essentials on houzz right now! a rustic touch switching out your throw pillows. Shabby chic personified this comfy sofa will be a welcoming addition to any of your living spaces we love the oversized, some issues are worth arguing about we selected two home design professionals to make their cases for or against each topic and then craft rebuttals after reviewing their opponent's remarks.

Seventy years since the murder mystery board game first landed in living rooms the 2 d mansion backdrop to the game is getting a makeover and you can help decide what the new version looks like, the couple living in this house knew they would be here only for it reflects the light and brings another large scale element to the room my houzz: art deco contemporary mix in los angeles "we.

Struggling with a small living room or simply not making the most of the space you have take a look at these ideas and see how you can maximize wasted spots from tricky corners to slim alcoves 1, is your living room the social heart of your home if not it's time to transform it into a space where everyone wants to hang out think of the room as a stage and fill it with scenery that will.

Marit hughes is struggling with several challenges in the foot living room of her 1970s era sterling va home she isn't sure how to make the most of the small space while working around, if your living room or family room is cramped and cluttered the last thing you'll want to do is spend time in there that is unless you trick your eye into thinking the space is bigger than it